Abdominal Organ Drawing

The anatomy of the abdomen is often not something that those beginning to do some first aid are familiar with. Looking at all those diagrams where some split the abdomen into 9 areas and others into the more simple 4 quadrants can be confusing and difficult to visualise for real. This simple activity helps you visualise the general placement of the abdominal organs on a real human.

In small groups, get people to draw the position of the main abdominal organs into a willing volunteer's (from the group) abdomen. Obviously you need to use a skin-friendly pen rather than a permanent marker and the volunteer needs to be willing to be drawn on! You could either get the groups to just have a go or you could give them some anatomy textbooks to give them a helping hand.

Practical Tips:
  • We think that this is best done in smaller groups so that everyone can get more involved.
  • Make sure that your volunteers are happy to be drawn upon (goes without saying really!).

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