First Aid Acronym and Mnemonic Buster

We've created a handy list of all the first aid and pre-hospital care we could think of to help you keep track of all those pesky acronyms mnemonics we use to 'help' us remember everything. This might also be something useful to print out and give to those you are training. There's bound to be some we've missed any off so do please let us know on the make a suggestion page.

ASHICE: Age, Sex, History of the injury/illness, Conditions, Estimated time of arrival (or everything else)

ATMIST: Age, Time of incident/onset, Mechanism of injury, Injuries, Treatment

AVPU: Alert, Voice responsive, Pain responsive, Unresponsive

CASMEET: Callsign, Age, Sex, Mechanism, Examination, Estimated time of arrival, Treatment

CHAT: Chief complaint/condition, History, Allergies, Treatment

CSCATTT: Command, Safety, Communication, Assessment, Triage, Treatment, Transport

DCAP-BTLS: Deformities and discolourations, crepitus and contusions, Abrasion, Penetrations, Burns, Tenderness, Lacerations, Swelling and symmetry

DR(s)ACB: Danger, Response, (shout for help), Airway, Breathing, Circulation

DRABCDE: Danger, Response, Airway, Breathing, Circulation, Deformity, Environment/Expose/Everything else

ETA: Estimated time of arrival

FAST: Face, Arms, Speech, Time

#: Sometimes used as shorthand for fracture

METHANE: Major incident declared?, Exact location, Type of incident, Hazards, Access and Egress, Number/type/severity of casualties, Emergency services present and required

OPQRSTA: Onset, Provocation, Quality, Radiate, Severity, Time, Associated signs and symptoms

PEARL: Pupils equal and reactive to light

PEEP: Position, Expose, Elevate, Pressure

PRF: Patient Report Form

RICE: Rest, Ice, Comfortable Support, Elevate

RTC/RTI/RTA: Road traffic collision, Road traffic incident, Road traffic accident

SAMPLE: Signs and symptoms, Allergies, Medication, Past medical history, Last meal/drink, Events leading up to incident

SOCRATES: Site, Onset, Character, Radiation, Associated signs and symptoms, Time, Severity

UTI: Urinary Tract Infection

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