Blindfolded Primary Survey

This one really is as it says on the title. Now, we do need our sight to be able to carry a good, full primary survey but, if we do remove one of the senses (sight), it really puts our knowledge of the primary survey to the test and makes you think through what you are doing more carefully. This is another fun primary survey game that can be done in order to really get it into your head!

The idea is that you get each member of the group (usually best in smaller groups) to perform the primary survey whilst they are blindfolded. Obviously, this is best placed in groups who know each other well. Be aware that some people may not be happy to act as the patient and you should therefore make sure that they don't have to be. You can help the first aider by guiding them towards the patient's head initially otherwise they might be crawling around all over the place for ages until they actually find their patient! Again, this exercise works well when someone is checking how the survey is being carried out and explaining any corrections that are needed.

You can do this either with a really simple DRsABC or a more extended primary survey that you would carry out on an ambulance or for more experienced first aiders.

Practical Tips:
  • Don't forget to emphasise that this is about remebering what to do, rather than saying that you actually should do the primary survey with your eyes shut!
  • It's important to be aware that some people may not be comfortable with taking part in this activity
  • Avoid having people around who are not taking part who may come in and mess with the person blindfolded for a joke as this just disrupts the activity

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