Scenario: An Epileptic

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Scenario Overview:
This scenario covers a situation of a seizure in someone with known epilepsy. The first aiders are covering a local college ball when they are called to a person fitting on the floor just outside the silent disco. The patient is having tonic-clonic seizures on their arrival and is lying pretty close to some some empty glasses that are lying around the corridor.
First Aider Easy
How the scenario should progress:
The seizure will last a couple of minutes from onset and then the patient will gradually become more alert over a period of time. The patient will be pretty exhausted but has had these many times before and is just a bit embarrassed.
Patient 1:
Name: Winston Ramsey    Age: 19    Sex: Male
Medication: Medication for epilepsy
Allergies: None Known
Past medical/family/social history: Reoccurring seizures (about once every month or so) that usually only last a couple of minutes and doesn't usually require medical help after.
Findings on examination: Patient is fitting initially and appears to have wet himself. There are no obvious signs of injury from afar. After the end of the seizure, a small amount of bleeding is present from the patient's mouth where he bit his tongue during the seizure. Patient become more alert although very tired as time goes on and is able to tell the first aiders what is normal for his epilepsy. He is very embarrassed about having wet himself and having had a seizure is such a public place just after coming to college. Patient last ate a couple of hours ago.
Possible treatment from first aiders: Protect the patient from dangers around (e.g the nearby glasses) whilst the patient is having convulsions. They should monitor the patient after and allow him to go on his way after he has fully recovered and informed them that this is normal for him.
Time after start: Initially unable to obtain After convulsions have ceased
Response: Becoming alert
Airway: yes
Breathing? yes
Respirations: 16 normal
Pulse: 100 regular
Oxygen Sats: 96

Tips for the patient actors:
After you have become more alert, reassure the first aiders that this is normal for your but act very embarrassed and frustrated with your seizures.

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