Scenario: Chair fall

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Scenario Overview:
Upon arrival on scene first aid personnel find a victim lying on the ground face up with a head wound, the victim is semi- conscious and moaning. within the vicinity of the victim there is an overturned chair and a pile of books and paper strewn about the floor.
First Aider Easy
How the scenario should progress:
First aid personnel should call 911, conduct a primary survey to evaluate the patient to include checking for sprains or bone breaks. Dress the head wound and keep the patient talking as much as possible,
Patient 1:
Name: unknown    Age: 25    Sex: Male
Medication: none
Allergies: none
Past medical/family/social history: not known
Findings on examination: Head wound, possible broken arm, patient is moaning in pain
Possible treatment from first aiders: Treat the head wound with a bandage and isolate the break, work to communicate and calm the patient
No Observations Given

Tips for the patient actors:
Moan loudly when they first aid personnel begin their primary survey. act like your out of it, (semi conscious)

Scenario submitted by: Responder1