Scenario: Cramped CPR

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Scenario Overview:
This scenario is designed to test out the first aiders in a resuscitation situation where the patient is in a small space that does not allow good quality CPR to be carried out and will hopefully get them to consider their options for possibly moving the patient to a more accessible place. On arrival, the first aiders will find one patient who is not breathing. They were called by the bar manager who was checking the toilets at the end of the night and found the patient wedged in close to the toilet.
First Aider Easy
How the scenario should progress:
It's up to you as to whether you want the patient to gain a ROSC after a defib shock or whether the patient stays as they are until an ambulance arrives.
Patient 1:
Name: Unknown    Age: About 50-60    Sex: Male
Medication: Unknown
Allergies: Unknown
Past medical/family/social history: Unknown
Findings on examination: There is some vomit on the floor which appears to have some blood in it. The patient doesn't appear to have any obvious injuries apart from bruises here here and there. The patient is not breathing. The airway is partially blocked with vomit.
Possible treatment from first aiders: 999, CPR, clear airway, defib if available, oxygen/BVM/airways if trained.
Time after start: 0 mins
Response: U
Airway: Partially blocked - vomit
Breathing? No
Blood Glucose: 4.8

Tips for the patient actors:
It will be good to use a patient-actor to begin with to make it difficult for them to commence CPR in the small space. But once they have completed the primary survey and done any moving and handling they intend to do, switch to a CPR doll.

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