Scenario: Ectopic Pregnancy

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Scenario Overview:
You are called to a woman with severe abdominal pain. On arrival, you see a woman sat in her kitchen keeled over and groaning. This scenario is all about taking a thorough history take and encourages people to practice talking about subjects they might feel embarrassed or awkward talking about. The patient will not divulge information about their appendix or medication unless asked.
Ambulance Crew (non HCP)
How the scenario should progress:
Pain will worsen
Patient 1:
Name: Opal Briggs    Age: 23    Sex: Female
Medication: To be divulged only when asked: Takes "the pill most days"
Allergies: None Known
Past medical/family/social history: Last period 6 weeks ago. Has had appendix removed without complications about 8 years ago.
Findings on examination: Severe pain in lower right abdomen. Patient was cooking when pain started and gets much worse on palpation. Pain described as 'sharp and stabby' and rated 8/10 which goes to "11/10" when right abdominal quadrant is pressed. Patient otherwise fit and well. Patient did not collapse upon initial pain.Last ate 20 mins ago. There is no bruising or swelling that can be seen on the abdomen and the patient skin colour is normal.
Possible treatment from first aiders: Take full history, transport with pain relief, consider ALS - though vitals appear stable so BLS transport may be adequate.
Time after start: 0mins
Response: Alert
Airway: Yes
Breathing? Yes
Respirations: 16 normal
Pulse: 80
Oxygen Sats: 98
Pain Score: 8/10
Blood Pressure: 110/70
Temperature: 37.3
Blood Glucose: 6.6

Tips for the patient actors:
Don\t give away information about your appendix being taken out or taking the pill until you are asked about medical history and medication. You are generally helpful although in a lot of pain.

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