Scenario: Electric shock CH

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Scenario Overview:
Upon arrival to the scene, First Aid personnel see a victim lying on the floor who appears to be unconscious. There is a pungent odor of burnt plastic in the air and the victim has burn marks on his left upper arm and lower right leg. The victim's hands are contorted and pulled close to his chest. on further survey of the scene, First air personnel notice an orange extension cord under the victim.
First Aider Easy
How the scenario should progress:
First aid personnel should arrive on scene with the standard equipment, i.e. AED, first aid Kit, and Emergency blanket. furthermore, on notification of the incident, the front desk personnel should contact 911 immediately. Personnel should take time to survey the scene before placing hands on the victim. They should find the source of power to the extension cord, and shut it off. Personnel should not touch the victim or the cord until it is determined that power is off and that it is safe to proceed. If for any reason, one of the first Aid personnel touch the victim prior to the simulated power being turned off. We then create a second victim which escalates the need for further first aid. Once power has been disconnected, First aid personnel can begin treatment, Check for airway, breathing, and circulation. The burn marks sustained during the incident are secondary to regaining breathing and heart beat to the victim. Simulation of CPR and the application of the AED can now be exercised. CPR should be conducted for at least three minutes this simulates the actual average response time of ambulance crews arriving on site.
Patient 1:
Name: Sparky Jones    Age: 26    Sex: Male
Medication: None known
Allergies: None known
Past medical/family/social history: Father of 1, married for 6 yeaars
Findings on examination: NO pulse, no respiration, burns on the upper left arm and lower right leg
Possible treatment from first aiders: Call 911, Disconnect power source affecting patient. start CPR immediately, apply Pads for AED and simulate shock as needed. perform simulated CPR for at least three minutes until ambulance crew arrival.
Time after start: 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 15
Response: u u u u p p v v

Tips for the patient actors:
Direct the volunteer victim to act unresponsive, have them play into the progress of the First aid personnel. or play into the lack of their actions. Pose the volunteer in the aforementioned position as previously described.

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