Scenario: Head injury at a sporting game

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Scenario Overview:
The first aid era are at a soccer carnival when they are called to a 16 year old female. The patient has fallen, hitting her head hard on the goal post. She is lying on the ground, only responding to pain. The patient will have a restricted airway while unconscious from regurgitations.
First Aider Moderate
How the scenario should progress:
As the scenario progresses, the patient will become conscious and alert and begin complaining of a headache, dizziness and feeling really sick. The patient is also very anxious. The patient insists on returning to the game, the first aiders should make sure to encourage her to keep still.
Patient 1:
Name: Sophie Louise    Age: 16    Sex: Female
Medication: Emergency Epinephrine
Allergies: Nuts, Sesame
Past medical/family/social history: Usually healthy and very active.
Findings on examination:
Possible treatment from first aiders:
Time after start: 2 8
Response: Responds to pain Alert
Airway: No, filled with regurgitations Yes
Breathing? Difficult due to airway obstruction Eased
Respirations: Normal
Pulse: Rapid Stable
Pain Score: - 7/10

Tips for the patient actors:
Once conscious, insist on getting up to join the game, claiming you are ‘fine’.

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