Scenario: Life over limb

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Scenario Overview:
You attend a patient who is lying face down behind her front. To the front are the stairs to the upper floor that lead up to the next floor. There is only enough room to barely fit two people in. The call was made by a delivery driver who was dropping off a parcel and who is still on scene.
First Aider Difficult
How the scenario should progress:
The door is open. Upon entry you try to establish the patient's condition. You can't see her airway and you do not believe that she is breathing. If witnessed is asked they will say that they rang the door bell, heard the woman saying that she was coming, then heard a scream and saw her falling down the stair from about sixteen stairs up. As she fell she rolled before landing face down behind the door.
Patient 1:
Name: Anges Brown    Age: 56    Sex: Female
Medication: Unknown
Allergies: Unknown
Past medical/family/social history: Unknown
Findings on examination: Unresponsive Airway - Unknown Breathing - Absent Circulation - There is a little blood from her head and bruising on her face
Possible treatment from first aiders: As life is more importantly than limb working with the delivery person/crewmate urgently but carefully role the patient onto their back and begin CPR, Once patient is on their back, Airway is clear, Breathing confirmed absent. CPR to start immediately. If two people are working on the patient an OPA could be inserted.
Time after start: +2 minutes + 4 minutes + 6 + 8
Response: Unresponsive Unresponsive Unresponsive Unresponsive
Airway: Clear Clear Clear Clear
Breathing? Nil Nil Nil Nil
Respirations: Nil Nil Nil Nil
Pulse: Nil Nil Nil 48
Oxygen Sats: 87
Blood Pressure: 98/55
Temperature: 36.8
Blood Glucose: 6.3
GCS: 3 3 3 3 3

Tips for the patient actors:
Remain unresponsive,

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