Scenario: Man flu or something else?

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Scenario Overview:
This scenario is aimed to help people recognise a case of meningitis. The first aiders are at book festival event in a busy town centre and are called into someone's house to have a look at their friend who isn't feeling well. The patient will be sitting on their arrival, looking quite pale and 'feeling quite ill'.
First Aider Easy
How the scenario should progress:
The patient will act fairly similarly throughout the scenario and the observations will stay similar to the initial observations.
Patient 1:
Name: Brett Clark    Age: 25    Sex: Male
Medication: Ritalin
Allergies: None Known
Past medical/family/social history: Appendix removed 2 years ago.
Findings on examination: Patient feels tired and generally unwell. Has headache (covers whole head rather than anything specific and just described as 'an ache' but quite intense). Patient did vomit a little while ago but not that much. Patient feels 'hot and bothered' and has a bit of a stiff neck - finds it a bit difficult to bring head to chest. The patient dislikes bright light and wants to shut their eyes. Patient is slightly confused. Patient does have small rash (although this will be hidden slightly so that it is only found if looked for) that does not go away when a glass is pressed to it. Skin is warm but pale.
Possible treatment from first aiders: Good history, 999.
Time after start: 0mins
Response: Alert but confused
Airway: yes
Breathing? yes
Respirations: 21
Pulse: 105 regular
Oxygen Sats: 95
Blood Pressure: 100/60
Temperature: 38.1

Tips for the patient actors:
Try to act a little confused and as you would when you just feel rubbish when you have something like the flu.

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