Scenario: Non responsive

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Scenario Overview:
I walk outside my place of work to find someone has collapsed and not responding, there is a crowed starting to form around the casualty. I am unaware of how long they have been unconscious. Later they suddenly start breathing.
First Aider Easy
How the scenario should progress:
Casualty is found unconscious and breathing while later on during the scenario they are unconscious not breathing ( UNB). The First Aider, which is me, is to move all bystanders away.
Patient 1:
Name: Elias Rivas     Age: 18     Sex: Male
Medication: none
Allergies: Allergic to peanuts
Past medical/family/social history: None Known
Findings on examination: Found the unconscious casualty breathing, their breathing is shallow, and they have a faint pulse.
Possible treatment from first aiders: As a first aider I would check vitals and administer CPR if necessary. If the patient is stable and there is no apparent spinal injury I would turn them onto there side and carefully monitor them until medical aids have arrived.
Time after start: 0 Mins 2 Mins 4 Mins 12 Mins
Response: none none none yes
Airway: yes yes yes yes
Breathing? yes yes no yes
Pulse: weak weak none very weak
Oxygen Sats: weak getting weaker none very weak
Pain Score: unresponsive unresponsive unresponsive unresponsive

Tips for the patient actors:

Scenario submitted by: Anonymous