Scenario: Primary Survey Starter

Please note: The users who submit scenarios have declared that all patient details are fiction. We cannot guarentee the accuracy of any suggested treatment or the realism of suggested observations. You should judge these for yourself.

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Scenario Overview:
This scenario is a quick and simple one to get people warmed up at the beginning of a scenarios session that tests people on their very basic primary survey for an unresponsive patient with no obvious/apparent reason for them to be unresponsive. The first aiders will arrive to find the patient lying face down, unresponsive.
First Aider Easy
How the scenario should progress:
The patient will stay unresponsive throughout.
Patient 1:
Name: Unknown    Age: whatever age the actor is    Sex: Male
Medication: Unknown
Allergies: Unknown
Past medical/family/social history: Unknown
Findings on examination: There is no blood around the patient and no obvious mechanism (although whatever is around the patient might start making them think it through and wonder). On a top-to-toe survey, no obvious injuries will be found. All observations will be as found on the patient-actor. Patient is breathing.
Possible treatment from first aiders: Good, quick primary survey. Head to toe examination. Recovery position.
Time after start: Use actors

Tips for the patient actors:
Do not respond at all throughout.

Scenario submitted by: Anonymous