Scenario: Simple CPR

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Scenario Overview:
This is a really straight-forward scenario designed to to test basic life support skills. The first aiders are called to a patient who they will find unresponsive and not breathing. This scenario doesn't include loads of complications but tests the basic skills.
First Aider Easy
How the scenario should progress:
The first aiders should find that the patient is not breathing upon carrying out the primary survey. The patient will not show any signs of life even after shocks with an AED. If a training AED is available, it might be worth getting the first aiders to go through a number of cycles of CPR (allows them to swap over etc. if there is more than one rescuer) and also test action if AED recommends shock or no shock.
Patient 1:
Name: Unknown    Age: About 70    Sex: Male
Medication: None known
Allergies: None known
Past medical/family/social history: None known
Findings on examination: For the primary survey: (D: None, R: Unresponsive, A: Clear, B: Not Breathing, C: No pulse). The patient will have no apparent injuries and no obvious reason or mechanism for collapse. You could put the patient in a place/position (e.g. a small area) that makes it more difficult.
Possible treatment from first aiders: Primary survey to find the patient not breathing, CPR, call 999 or get appropriate back-up, request and use AED. Might want to consider use of face shield or pocket mask.(Could also use airway adjuncts, BVM, oxygen etc. if trained to do so)
Time after start: 0
Response: Unresponsive
Airway: Yes
Breathing? No
Respirations: 0
Pulse: 0

Tips for the patient actors:
A CPR doll should be used for this scenario although you could use a real person initially to get them to do the primary survey and any patient handling to a real person (and then swap in the doll for CPR).

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