Scenario: Stilettos with Danger

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Scenario Overview:
This scenario tests the first aiders ability to react to changing dangers whilst they are treating. They have been covering a college ball where a couple in their early twenties have come up to you asking for help because the female has had her foot stamped on with a stiletto and now has a small wound in her foot. The bloke is initially very helpful and wants the first aiders to help. However, part way through the scenario he will suddenly accuse the first aider of looking up the girl's skirt and will become quite agressive verbally and physically towards the first aiders. The girl also becomes quite scared at how her boyfriend is acting.
First Aider Easy
How the scenario should progress:
The patient in this scenario doesn't actually have a major wound - a bleeding wound to her foot and so she will be stable throughout. The change in how the accompanying boyfriend is described in the overview section.
Patient 1:
Name: Sally Fisher    Age: 21    Sex: Female
Medication: Reliever inhaler
Allergies: None Known
Past medical/family/social history: Has mild asthma
Findings on examination: Small (about half a cm wide) round wound to foot that is a few mm deep. Wound is bleeding. Area around wound mildly swollen. Patient able to move foot with mild pain (1/10 pain score) and has full sensation. All of the patients observations can be as the first aiders find them on the patient-actor. Both the girl and her boyfriend have been drinking.
Possible treatment from first aiders: Initially to begin treating and examining the wound but then to react quickly to the sudden change in the boyfriend's temper.
No Observations Given

Tips for the patient actors:
This scenario benefits from a confident guy who is willing to act aggressive and abusive to the first aiders (without actually physically attacking them!). The change in temper needs to be quite sudden and quick. The girl can be friendly and then a little scared of how her boyfriend has reacted.

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