Scenario: The Clammy Student

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Scenario Overview:
The first aiders are called to a distressed person in a college welfare room who was brought there by the bouncers as he was being rather aggressive at the bar party. The patient is sitting on a chair at the far end of the room, head in his hands. When first aiders approach, starts yelling at them to "f*** off!". Patient appears aggressive for the first minutes, but will let ONE first aider approach carefully after talking to them for a bit. reluctant to be touched though, although will let the first aider touch him after a while, and let others approach. The patient is diabetic and hypoglycaemic.
First Aider Easy
How the scenario should progress:
Patient will improve with sugary input, but will deteriorate rapidly if no action taken within first three minutes.
Patient 1:
Name: Mac McGowan    Age: 19    Sex: Male
Medication: Insulin
Allergies: None Known
Past medical/family/social history: Type 1 diabetes
Findings on examination: Patient is agitated, initial aggression, cold/clammy skin, sweating, dizziness. The patient will tell the first aiders that he last ate at lunch because he missed dinner because of the college ball. Patient has no obvious injuries.
Possible treatment from first aiders: A good thorough history after initially gaining patient's trust. Give the patient a sugary food or drink and monitor.
Time after start: 1 min After food/drink
Response: A A
Airway: yes yes
Breathing? yes yes
Respirations: 20 17
Pulse: 130 100
Oxygen Sats: 97 98
Blood Pressure: 100/60 110/70
Blood Glucose: 2.1 mmol/l 4.0 mmol/l

Tips for the patient actors:
Try and encourage the first aiders to try create a good relationship with you to win your trust. Tell them about your diabetes/last meal when asked.

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