Scenario: The Dodgy Kebab

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Scenario Overview:
The first aiders are called to a patient at a local community fair who is reportably 'unconscious and has vomited. On arrival, the first aiders will find the patient slumped in a chair flitting between pain and voice responsive. The patient appears a bit 'sleepy'. The patients clothes covered in vomit. There is a small crowd around. A first aid post is 5mins walk away. This scenario helps the first aiders practice good airway management skills and moving and handling skills. The underlying problem is acute food poisoning.
First Aider Moderate
How the scenario should progress:
If the airway is maintained effectively, the patient can stay as as just 'sleepy', becoming a bit more with it as time progresses until an extrication plan is established and acted upon. If not, the patient will aspirate on their vomit and stop breathing.
Patient 1:
Name: Steven Garrett    Age: 28    Sex: Male
Medication: None Known
Allergies: None Known
Past medical/family/social history: No past medical issues. Patient lives with family.
Findings on examination: Patient is V/P on the AVPU scale. Appears lethargic and tired, unknown cause. Airway is partially blocked with vomit on arrival. FAST negative. Last ate a kebab from a van on the street about 2 hours ago. Patient began feeling ill and tired about 1.5 hours ago (fairly sudden onset) and is covered in sweat. No pain anywhere. No injuries will be found on a head to toe survey. Patient a bit pale and sweating. Patient has never felt like this before. Patient has started to feel a bit better after vomiting. Patient will be very unsteady on their feet if the first aiders try to get them to walk. Patient has not been drinking.
Possible treatment from first aiders: Continual airway management. Good history to try and rule out issues such as stroke.
Time after start: 0mins 5mins
Response: P V
Airway: Partially blocked (vomit) Clear (if cleared)
Breathing? Gurgling on vomit Yes
Respirations: 12 14
Pulse: 85 regular 75
Oxygen Sats: 93 96
Blood Pressure: 135/77 130/78
Temperature: 36.8 36.8
Blood Glucose: 4.1

Tips for the patient actors:
Initially be pain responsive only but if your airway is cleared and they are persistent in their response checks, become more voice responsive over time. Act a bit confused and really tired as if you've just done a load of exercise and not really sure why you've felt so ill.

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