Scenario: Traumatic Injury

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Scenario Overview:
You are walking and hear a massive cry for help. You arrive on scene and start to asses the casualty, you can see that this will be a severe case and that it is going to be complicated. The casualty has been involved in an injury involving a building tool. The casualty has cut his left hand and his right arm has been amputated below the elbow. The casualty is worried and in severe pain.
First Aider Moderate
How the scenario should progress:
The casualty will be treated on the scene and will be helped to the best of abilities until the ambulance service arrives.
Patient 1:
Name: Kojo Lore    Age: 42    Sex: Male
Medication: None
Allergies: None
Past medical/family/social history: None
Findings on examination: Right arm amputation below the elbow Left had injury
Possible treatment from first aiders: First the first aider should make sure that the scene is safe to be working in. The first aider should try to tourniquet the right arm by applying a tourniquet or something that they have that may help to control the bleeding like a belt if there is no tourniquet available. The first aider should ensure that their left hand has been bandaged as best as possible.
Time after start: Overall
Response: Yes
Airway: Yes
Breathing? Fast
Respirations: High
Pulse: Fast (<100+)
Oxygen Sats: Low
Pain Score: 10
Blood Pressure: Avg
Temperature: --
Blood Glucose: --
GCS: 15

Tips for the patient actors:

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